Healthcare for Students

The last thing students should have to worry about is their health. Most of the students lack adequate healthcare, and this is a major concern for many of the families of the Bawaleshie School students. With the help of generous donations HOSIKIDS will continue to provide healthcare cards for all the students.


Access to Computers

The government has not provided a single computer for the students and teachers to use. Without access to the Internet and technology, however, the students will not be able to compete in this global economy. HOSIKIDS hopes to bridge the technological gap and help spread computational competency while simultaneously allowing students and teachers to tap into the millions of online resources available to both students and teachers.


Repairing Library and Classrooms

The school has multiple structural issues ranging from potholes in the floors to leaking roofs and lack of electricity. HOSIKIDS hopes to alleviate these problems by repairing and updating the library and the classrooms so that the students can focus on learning.


School Supplies

The government does not provide adequate school supplies to the students and therefore they lack the most basic tools required for academic success. HOSIKIDS hopes to remedy the deficiencies in school supplies and meet the needs of each individual student.


Recess and Sports Equipment

Though classroom learning is an integral part of a primary education, exercise and play are just as important for the children’s development. HOSIKIDS hopes to positively impact the entire student body both mentally and physically and will do so by providing equipment for play and recreation.